Monday Night RAW Results:Febraury 19th,2024


Tiffany Stratton: Excuse me, it鈥檚 Tiffy Time

Naomi: You鈥檙e interrupting Glow Time

Tiffany Stratton: Naomi, girl, while you鈥檙e out there trying to make another name for yourself, you left an empty space. And the only space that I鈥檓 concerned about is being the center of this universe. And besides, nobody cares about the past. And looking at all of you, that is all I see. Been there, done that, the future is me, and her name is Tiffy.

Bianca BelAir: Okay, Tiffany, you know what? I know you might be new around here, which explains why you don鈥檛 know what running your mouth might get you. But baby girl, don鈥檛 get it twisted, I am EST and I鈥檝e been at the Tiffy Top for a very long time. And at Elimination Chamber, you鈥檙e going to find out that you will never be me, do like it me, or be better than me. Now, there is one thing I have done that neither of you ladies have done, that is win the Elimination Chamber Match. And at WrestleMania this year, I鈥檓 going to continue my undefeated streak. So, respectfully, if I have to, I鈥檒l pin you, you, you, you and definitely you, to get to WrestleMania, because you can鈥檛 spell WrestleMania without EST.

Tiffany Stratton: Bianca, girl you are so last year. No, like, literally, you peaked last year.

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