NXT Results:December 19th,2023


Quick shoving contest. Henley applies a waist lock. Stratton decks Henley with a back elbow smash. Following a snap mare takeover, Henley rolls Stratton over for a two count. Henley makes Stratton sit down on the canvas. Stratton avoids a low dropkick. That leads us to a quick standoff in the center of the ring. Stratton kicks Henley in the gut. Short-Arm Reversal by Henley. Henley with a back elbow smash. Henley with a running single leg dropkick. Stratton gets Henley trapped in the ring skirt. Henley rocks Stratton with a forearm smash. Henley slams Stratton鈥檚 head on the ring apron. Henley with a running back elbow smash. Stratton sends Henley crashing to the outside. Stratton slams Henley鈥檚 head on the apron. Stratton rolls Henley back into the ring. Stratton repeatedly slams Henley鈥檚 head on the top turnbuckle pad. Stratton whips Henley into the turnbuckles. Stratton with a corner clothesline.

Stratton puts her knee on the back of Henley鈥檚 neck. Stratton with a Running Hip Attack for a two count. Stratton toys around with Henley. Stratton kicks Henley in the chest. Forearm Exchange. Stratton sends Henley to the corner. Henley side steps Stratton into the turnbuckles. Henley transitions into a corner mount. Stratton goes for a PowerBomb, but Henley counters with a Hurricanrana. Henley with a big right hand. Henley ducks a clothesline from Stratton. Stratton drops Henley with The Spinebuster for a two count. Rollup Exchange. Henley connects with The Sunset Flip to pickup the victory. After the match, Stratton attacks Henley from behind. Stratton repeatedly slams Henley鈥檚 head on the announce table. Stratton throws Henley into the ringside barricade. Stratton starts dragging Henley to the backstage area. Stratton attacks Henley with a mop. Stratton pours trash all over Henley.
Tiffany Stratton calls Fallon Henley a servant. She challenges Henley to a match at New Years Evil. If Stratton Wins, Henley will become her servant.
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